The city of Tecate in Baja California has an strategic location, it is located in the middle between Tijuana, Mexicali, Rosarito and Ensenada. It has a population of 100,000 aprox. (2017) and it is recognized principally for being a calm and relaxed town with a mediterranean climate but in the latest few years the temperature has been increased.

In this city is produced the traditionally known Tecate Beer, this is thanks to the water quality, but Tecate is also known by his tasting and delicious bread baked on ovens filled of history and traditions.


And one of the biggest characteristics that stand out about this city is the quantity of ranches and spas located around all the city, to such magnitude that we have two of the best ranches recommended by National Geographic Traveler in 2012: Rancho La Puerta and Rancho Los Chabacanos.

  • 40 minutes from Tijuana

  • 60 minutes from San Diego

  • 90 minutes from Mexicali

  • 3 hours from Los Angeles

Our clinic is located just 5 minutes walking from the U.S.A. border!

You can visit 5 Places recommended by the National Geographic Traveler magazine in Tecate, Mexico


Tecate Brewery, Rancho La Puerta, El Mejor Pan de Tecate, Rancho Los Chabacanos and Rancho Ojai

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